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Sharon Scott

OMG!!! Dr Nicole is amazing. I recently completed her weight loss program…42lbs in 4 months…gone! No turning back…she is keeping me on track, providing me with her wealth of knowledge on nutrition, exercise regiment, and her down to earth holistic approach to life. Just what I needed! I don’t mind the hour drive to see her and Joanne…they’re professionalism and spirit of excellence is refreshing!!!

Kim Whis

I did a weight loss/detox program with Dr. Nicole and lost 25 very stubborn pounds that I couldn’t get off with fad diet plans. She is very knowledgeable about weight loss and exercise and her plan was easy to follow. Especially if you have a very busy schedule. I highly recommend working with her if your goal is weight loss or healthier eating habits.

Camille Burch

For years, I’ve battled health issues related to extreme obesity – joint pain, difficulty sleeping, impaired mobility and constant fatigue, t name a few. When I was referred to Dr. Nicole at Vivicare Wellness, my life changed. Dr. Nicole worked with me to determine my underlying health conditions causing obesity, and with a 12-week program that took all the guesswork out, I lost a significant amount of weight, build muscle, increased my energy, decreased joint pain, sleep better, and even was able to eliminate my high blood pressure. Dr. Nicole’s unique combination of expertise as a chiropractor, nutrition expert and certified personal trainer mean that her functional approach hits all aspects of weight loss – diet, exercise, supplements, and emotional support. It works when nothing else does! I would recommend Vivicare Wellness and Dr. Nicole to anyone wanting to better manage their health.

Marissa Berry

Dr. Nicole Williams has truly changed my quality of life and well -being with her medical grade supplements within a couple months of sticking to her plan. I had a severe iron deficiency causing me to eat a tray of ice every day followed by bags of them when I’d run low. Now, I eat absolutely none and don’t crave it whatsoever and can workout without becoming lightheaded through a simple warm up. My vitamin D (like about 90 percent of the population) was extremely low and is under control now as well. She also provided supplements for my immune system. I am a person that gets the flu every year if I DON’T receive the vaccine followed by a couple colds. So far, so good with no vaccine. I feel great. I can’t thank you enough. I was feeling hopeless and had no answers for so long. Now, I have you. Thank you.

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